Interior Painting – Remove Wallpaper Or Paint Over it

On the off chance that you are thinking about eliminating backdrop in your home with the aim to paint your walls a short time later, there are several things you should consider. It is in every case exceptionally recommended that you eliminate the backdrop first, however at times, it isn’t your main choice. Assuming you realize that your backdrop was set up accurately, or expertly finished, then, at that point, eliminating it is ideal. In these cases, the walls were estimated prior to hanging the backdrop. Estimating is a material that is applied to the walls prior to draping the backdrop to assist it with descending all the more effectively later on.


There are numerous ways of eliminating backdrop. A liner is an effective method for proceeding to can being bought at paint and home improvement stores. There are additionally numerous items accessible to assist with this cycle. The key after the backdrop has been taken out, is to ensure that the backdrop cement has been all cleaned from the wall. Another idea is to take action with an oil preliminary prior to painting, to ensure Boya sökücü jel the wall is appropriately fixed.


In the event that you don’t know how the backdrop was set up, or you realize that it was not done expertly, attempt a little region to check whether it will descend without any problem. In the event that the backdrop is exceptionally close and doesn’t seem feeble anyplace, your other choice is to cover up it. This works best on the off chance that there aren’t any covering creases, and the backdrop is extremely smooth and not finished. The main thing you believe that should do is score the backdrop with a scoring device. Then you cover the wall with an oil groundwork. The oil preliminary will drench into the backdrop, insofar as you’ve scored the whole way through the paper. The oil preliminary will seal the backdrop to the wall. Plastic preliminaries won’t work in light of the fact that the water in the plastic will really release the glue. When your oil groundwork coat is dry, typically 6 to 8 hours, sand the wall with a sanding wipe until smooth. In the event that there are any creases that show up after the preparing is finished, delicately skim with a lightweight spackling compound and sand smooth when dry. You can then apply 2 layers of plastic paint.


Once more, it is in every case best to eliminate the paper prior to painting, yet on the off chance that the paper was set up erroneously, it very well may be a genuine bad dream to eliminate and the wall prep that will be required can overpower. This is the point at which it’s ideal to cover up it and be finished with it.

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