How to Restore a Convertible Plastic Window

 How to Restore a Convertible Plastic Window


Plastic windows found in convertible tops can be prone to fading and degrading over time. Harmful uv rays, rainwater, traffic film and other contaminants, plus repair of plastic windows

the continual up and down motion of the roof all contribute to this fading and degrading. If left in this condition, apart from not being able to see through the window it will become more prone to splitting and a convertible plastic window can be costly to repair.

Faded plastic windows can usually be restored back to a clear and new looking standard by hand using the correct kind of products and techniques.

The best way to restore a faded plastic window would be to use a designated plastic polish product. The window should initially be cleaned to remove any loose dirt and contaminants. The plastic polish should then be applied to the window via a sponge or micro fiber applicator pad, spread evenly and then worked in using both circular and linear motions. Whilst it is important to apply some pressure whilst polishing in order for the product to do its job you shouldn’t apply too much pressure as you could damage the soft plastic or surrounding roof areas where it is fixed to. You should continue to work the product in until the residue turns clear. Once worked in you should lightly buff it off with a clean, soft micro fiber towel ensuring all residue is removed.

You may need to repeat the process in order to fully restore the window. It is also advisable to repeat the process for the inside of the window as this too can fade, by doing this you will ensure that both surfaces have been equally treated and that no areas are missed.

If you are not able to use a designated plastic polish then you can use a normal abrasive polish product that you would use on your cars paintwork. Begin by using a light abrasive polish first and only step up to a more abrasive polish if necessary. Again, spread and work in the product using the same technique as for the plastic polish and buff off the residue with a micro fiber towel once it has been sufficiently worked in and turned clear.

Once polished and fully restored, you should protect the window with a high quality wax or a synthetic sealant. This will further help to enhance the clarity of it, but more importantly will protect it from the harmful influences that caused it to degrade in the first place. The product should be applied using a soft sponge applicator pad ensuring all areas are sufficiently covered, left to cure and then thoroughly buffed off with a micro fiber towel. No working in of the product is required as it will not contain any abrasives that need breaking down like in the polish products.



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